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Kennedy’s 360° Insights

 Hon. Mark Kennedy is a thought leader on engaging to win, whether businesses engaging societies globally, officials seeking to govern, advocates pressing to achieve or avert action, or countries marshaling support for global action.

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MBig Data in Advocacy

Speech to GW Alumni

Mexico City, Mexico

November 13, 2015

It was great to share thoughts on the importance of big data and digital tools in effective modern day advocacy to George Washington University Association alumni in Mexico City.

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FOXNEWS 10 20 15aCanadian Election Impact on Keystone

FOXNEWS - Special Report

October 20, 2015

My view on implications of Canadian special election and its impact on the Keystone pipeline.


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TIt’s Time to Ditch Trump, Not the TPP

Foreign Policy Opinion Piece

Photo (c) Kennedy - Tokyo: Let's adopt TPP and sell more to Japan!

October 6, 2015

"While some were celebrating that, after years of negotiations, the United States and 11 other nations had finally reached an agreement on the Tran-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took to Twitter to malign the trade pact as a “terrible deal.” The move was further proof, for those who still need it, that Trump is rich in negative bluster and bankrupt on positive ideas. If Congress heeds his populist pandering on TPP, it would weaken America, abandon our allies, harm American workers, and escalate tension with China. By supporting TPP, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio reflect their prioritizing sound policy over demagoguery."

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