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Kennedy’s 360° Insights

 Hon. Mark Kennedy is a thought leader on engaging to win, whether businesses engaging societies globally, officials seeking to govern, advocates pressing to achieve or avert action, or countries marshaling support for global action.

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NPCEngaging East Asian Capitals

GWU Course in Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo

Photo - with students at China's National People's Congress

May 24-June 4

Both my students from George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management and I are learning a lot during our visits with political, corporate, NGO, academic, and media leaders in Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo.

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IMG 1340How 'Top Gun' Explains the TPA Trade Bill

Foreign Policy Opinion Piece

May 13, 2015

"I admit freely that I have an unusual way of winding down at night. Often I do so by watching either the first or last 10 minutes of the film Top Gun. As a firm advocate of trade with a keen understanding of how it underpins America's global standing, Senate Democrats' defeat of President Barack Obama's effort to pass Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) was an evening that required serious wind-down time.

Tuesday I chose the last ten minutes of the film. The pilot protagonist, "Maverick," had experienced serious loss. His radar intercept officer "Goose" had perished in a training mission. As fellow pilot "Iceman" faces six Soviet MiGs and is in serious trouble as he tries to protect a wounded U.S. Navy ship, he calls Maverick in to help. As he sits above of the mad scramble of jets below, Maverick hesitates. The anxiety over the loss of Goose makes him pause. His new partner "Merlin" implores him to maneuver their plane into the fight. He still wavers, but in the end moves past his loss, engages, and does what needs to be done to protect America's ship.

That is the perfect metaphor for what happened on Tuesday. Many in America are anxious over the economic losses we have experienced as technology has automated many tasks and increased global competition has lowered prices. Both of these trends have put pressure on wages, particularly for those jobs requiring less technical skills. We are indeed in a mad scramble with many other nations to determine who will fulfill the wants and desires of emerging markets' growing middle classes."

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HatchetGSPM director hopes to turn free online course into marketing tool for enrollment boost

GW Hatchet Article

May 11, 2105

by Ryan Lasker | Assistant News Editor - GW Hatchet

"Mark Kennedy, director of GSPM, said in an interview last month that enrollment had hit nearly 700 users for his course "Business in a Political Age" — a major milestone for a school whose most popular degree had fewer than 200 students last year. He said the goal of the course is to bring more students into the school, which offers both online and on-campus classes, by highlighting its strengths in politics and business.

"The idea is to let people have a taste of it," Kennedy said. "If they like it and they want more, the goal would be that some slice of these people coming in through the MOOC is going to say, 'Maybe I ought to get my degree from GW. Maybe I ought to get my degree from GSPM.'"

The course outlines seven ways for businesses to engage with the what Kennedy calls "shapeholders," or outside companies and organizations that can impact business activity. The most successful businesses can anticipate other organizations' decisions and accurately size up situations before taking action, he said."

Media Credit: Anna McGarrigle | Senior Designer - GW Hatchet


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