Mark Kennedy

Iowa is First Test for Presidential Candidates

Article - O Estado de S. Paulo, leading Brazilian Newspaper

February 1, 2016

"Professor of the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University (Washington), Mark Kennedy, argued that Trump could dominate the campaign rhetoric, but has not been successful [in the challenging Iowa Caucus] in converting speech in political organization...The party also has its challenges. The 2012 election made clear the need for renewal and acquisition of new votes, especially minorities...For Kennedy, the Democrats in general have a double challenge. They need to maintain and increase the enthusiasm of supporters who have become disillusioned after eight years of the Obama presidency, 'because he failed to fulfill some promises' and at the same time, convince independent voters that can offer something new to the country."

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IEngaging to Win

Speech - ICBC Bank

February 2, 2016

It was wonderful to engage with leaders from China's ICBC bank about how best to engage to win in America and around the world.

BEuropean Union - Drifting Apart Despite Economic Recovery?

Discussion with Allianz' Chief Economist

February 10, 2016

You are invited to join us at GW's Elliott School of International Affairs' Institute of International Economic Policy where Michael Heise, Chief Economist of Allianz SE (one of the world's largest financial service corporations), will share his thoughts on the future of the European Union in a policy discussion moderated I will moderate. Please join us for this discussion on a wide range of economic, political, and business issues facing the Eurozone and prospects for the future of the European Union.

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KThe world needs more people like Mustafa Koç

Tribute in Hurriyet Daily News

January 25, 2016

"Many men and women have tried to leave a lasting impact on commerce, society and our next generation. Mustafa Koç, through his successes in business, cultural advancement, and education, set the standards by which scores of future leaders will judge their own efforts."

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TTurkey’s new constitution: rules require rights

Financial Times Opinion Piece

January 21, 2016

"If Turkey is to advance its democracy, it must address these two pressing issues.

Turkey’s democratic stability is a vital concern not just for its citizens, but also for the region, which has struggled for greater inclusiveness in the wake of the Arab Spring protests. By strengthening the democratic character of its parties and enshrining the rights of its citizens, Turkey will continue to play a vital role in shaping the region and the world."

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