Mark Kennedy
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President of the University of North Dakota 

Scholarship - After successfully leading a graduate school at the George Washington University to national prominence, Kennedy returned home as President of the University of North Dakota in July of 2016. Mark has taught at leading universities on five continents. Kennedy has authored numerous academic journal articles, cases, book chapters and will soon publish his first book.

Statecraft - Leveraging an unmatched range of global experiences as a business executive (Macy's), U.S. Congressman, Presidential trade advisor, Chairman of the Economic Club of Minnesota, member of the Council on Foreign Relations and university president, Kennedy often speaks and provides commentary on how America engages the world for mutual benefit.

Strategy - In his forthcoming book from Columbia Business School Press on Shapeholders - Business Success in the Age of Activism, Kennedy updates the rules for business engagement with society reflecting the rise of activism and expanded political involvement in commercial affairs. Kennedy introduced the concept of "Shapeholders" to business strategy.